The Warrior can also give food to Buu's children in exchange for them bring the Warrior a gift when they return from their walk. This kanji is worn by Pilaf as a large front patch. It is unknown if this ability was possessed by Kid Buu or inherited from the absorbed Daikaioh. This ability doesn't actually have a name. However, one female Majin notes Mr. Satan had a big impact in their race's history due to his role in the creation of Good Buu through his friendship with Innocent Buu (as apparently the role of his copy of Bob & Margaret in Majin history is not common knowledge presumably due to its controversial nature and subject matter as one female Majin was curious as to what it was about ignorant of its adult subject matter) which may explain why he is still respected among most Time Patrollers despite knowledge of his true strength and history being known to the Time Patrol as his ability to befriend and tame a legendary demon like Majin Buu is impressive in and of itself. Romaji This explains how he knew Instantaneous Movement because he saw Supreme Kai perform it. The second time was a result of Good Buu's desire of female companionship after read Bob & Margaret one of Mr. Satan's adult books. Turning Cell into food and absorbing caused Evil 21 to transform and take on some of Cell's features such as his spots and her skin became a pale purple color though this did not occur when the original 21 absorbs Cell in the Super Warrior Arc. Majin Buu is an avatar of destruction. This new Majin Buu has a tremendous increase in power, and has an increased mental capacity. He was extremely naive, as he was completely ignorant of Hercule's (inept) attempts to kill him, as well as the fact that Bibidi and Babidi were using him. The Majin emblem represents a unique power in the world of Dragon Ball Z. Once he has reached maximum fullness, he will have enough energy to perform allowing him to create miniature Majin offspring. Innocent Buu is also known to wear pajamas while living in the house he created shortly before meeting Mr. Satan. However, due to their love of food it is implied it can be hard for male Majin to slim down through strenuous training and exercise as shown by the Majin Time Patroller Dekeit in Xenoverse 2 who ends up cheating on his diet by eating 30 cakes and as a result is unable to slim down despite his daily jogging routine. Many of the Majin Grunts wear the same white armor he wears. However, this can be explained by the fact that Evil Buu was dispelled entirely from Majin Buu's body, and was not the traditional type of Majin (rather than Kid Buu, or Miss Buu and other female Majin reproduce in Dragon Ball Online; resulting in pink Majin). Main article: Potential Unleashed After Evil Buu became Super Buu, his outfit changed back to the one originally worn by Kid Buu. His unrivaled regeneration plus his endless resilience and stamina granted him near-immortality; he is shown at one point to survive the explosion that destroys the Earth. Majin-Boo's name is a pun on the magic phrase from the movie Cinderella, "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo". In World Mission, if the Phantom Majin is freed from his hosts by resonating with the dark evil ki emitted by those empowered by Villainous Mode he can reform fully evolved into his transformed state. He literally struggles with the evil inside himself, with the evil winning and usurping near complete control, with Majin Buu becoming far more dangerous as a result. This rift timeline is separated from the original history and as a result a different iteration of the origin of the Majin in that timeline occurred. The origins of some of these Majins is unclear due to the nature of the Timespace Rift as a world where different timelines intersect. So like, Hocus-Pocus and Abra-Cadabra could be Majin names I guess. Ironically, Good Buu would gain several female Earthling fans after becoming famous through participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament. When a regular member of the Majin race (like the ones in Dragon Ball Online) takes on their Pure Form, their dormant power is released. This resulted in the birth of their first child, Baby Buu. Although he is one of the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu is often playful and childish, revealing he destroys things for fun. Some Majin like Innocent or Good Buu can heal others via their magic even capable of restoring the sight of a person blind since birth. Sweets in general; Omnivorous In Dragon Ball Heroes, Kid Buu gains Babidi's cothes if he absorbs Babidi and Kibito Kai's clothes if he absorbs Kibito Kai. Pure Majin and Potential Unleashed both share the same silvery white aura in Xenoverse 2. Emperor Pilaf's Kanji, 炒饭, pronounced chǎofàn in Mandarin and meaning \"fried rice\". When Buu recognized Babidi as his master, he attacked Gohan and East Kai, nearly killing Gohan. "Majin" is a Japanese word with no direct translation, meaning "one who has a supernatural ability", and it often used to refer to creatures with magical powers. Additionally Majin Buu's ability to use Cloning technique and his absorption ability may have been responsible for myths that their was a race in the past as Majin Buu's absorptions may have been seen as different individuals to those unaware of the absorption and clones could have been mistake as identical siblings causing people unfamiliar with Majin Buu to assume their may be a race of Majin back when their wasn't one as Majin Buu is a legendary monster and like Yamoshi many myths about him likely came about and his origins became distorted through the ages as Shin mistakenly believed Bibidi created Kid Buu around 5 Million Before Age. "Majin Power" Category Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +140%; or "Artificial Life Forms" Category Ki +2, HP & ATK +140% and DEF +100% Kamehameha: Greatly raises ATK for 1 turn and causes immense damage to enemy: Smoke of Rage: ATK +90%; reduces damage received by 30% Evil Buu also wore similar attire though his cape was a different color. Some members have been shown to be quite selfish when it comes to food as Majin Buu refused to let God of Destruction Beerus have even a single pudding cup out of the large number of pudding cups Majin Buu had. During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Good Buu awakened the ability to transform into Grand Supreme Kai after gaining access to the Grand Supreme Kai's memories. Due to their Transfiguration Beam technique, Buu's Majin subspecies' diet consists mainly of candy and other sweets like cookies, ice cream, and pudding. He is unable to revive the dead. Bio-Android Majins Android 21 and her fissions developed an eating disorder due to their cells going out of control causing her to develop an insatiable hunger that caused her mental state to deteriorate the more her hunger increased. It is implied that some female Majin engage in interspecies relationships with males of other races such as Saiyans and Earthlings as female Majin Cocresa is shown to have an interest in Saiyan Patroller Basil though this has resulted in a love triangle with a non-Majin girl named Fira who also has an interest in Basil who is unwilling to choose between either of them, causing Cocresa to even suggest sharing him though Fira refuses as she has no intention of sharing him as she considers such an arrangement cheating though it shows some Majin females are willing to share their male partners with other females. This led them to start a family leading to the birth of their first child Baby Buu via the Love-Love Beam technique, and thus the dawn of the Majin race on Earth. When I looked up "Majin Names" the results I got were: "Majin names are all related to some form of incantation. Buu inhales deeply and then exhales creating a huge gust of wind similar to a hurricane that can level a city. Presumably Majin are able to utilize that power naturally due to their inherently demonic nature. It is likely that Good Buu's martial arts career had some influence on Majin martial arts as many of his techniques such as Candy Beam, Explosive Buu Buu Punch, Zigzag Express, Majin Kamehameha are used by his descendants and is likely respected in the Majin martial arts community for his role as both a martial artist and warrior in addition to his role as Majin race progenitor. Universe How unique is the name Majin? Due to the amorphous bodies Majin can eat large amounts of food/candy and have appetites that can rival the Saiyans. Tekka can be customized to be a Majin of an unknown origin if Offworlder is selected as their race at the beginning of the game and certain hair options are selected. The person is sucked in very slowly, until they are completely engulfed. Majin Ozotto was a final boss who basically had Shang Tsung powers of turning into any of the previous enemies and heroes to annoy you. (DBZ) Battle. You are a unique individual. She created clones of the Z Fighters to use as a army and makeshift food source though prepared to consume the originals after having revived Frieza, Cell, Ginyu Force, and Nappa whom had also been cloned. He finds enjoyment in taking the lives of many and shows no remorse, though this is because he treats everything as a game. Additionally, all clothing worn by Majin will stretch along with its user when stretching parts of their body (however this may be simply be a game mechanic as this stretching attribute also applies to Namekian characters). A Majin's love of food/candy borders on gluttony, Super Buu became horrified at the prospect of spending an eternity trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber without sweets, resulting him becoming so angry that he rips through the dimensional wall separating the two dimensions allowing him to escape, and celebrates his freedom by systematically turning everyone on The Lookout into food and consuming them. Majin Buu (Japanese: 魔人ブウ, Hepburn: Majin Bū), generally spelled Majin Boo in subtitles of the Japanese anime, and rendered as Djinn-Boo in the Viz Media manga, is a fictional character and the final antagonist in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama, before the release of Dragon Ball Super.He is introduced in chapter #460 Majin Boo Appears? However, not even a Majin's digestive system can handle extremely horrible food such as Chronoa's whom is notorious for her terrible cooking skills as the Majin Future Warrior is negatively effected after eating a meal prepared by Chronoa in Xenoverse and is shown suffering from stomach cramps afterwards with Trunks: Xeno who also suffered through said meal. Majin Buu proceeded into killing both the Western Supreme Kai and the Northern Supreme Kai before encountering the Southern Supreme Kai, the strongest of the Kais. Fat Buu uses his move against Super Saiyan 3 Goku while being punched in the chest. Cooler is also shown to be aware of the existence of Majin Buu as he had been warned about them by his father King Cold like he had with his brother, Frieza. However Good Buu lacks the full godly power of Grand Supreme Kai as a majority of it remained with Kid Buu after they split. General Information The Future Warrior can give the children food and they will leave the house. Majins do seem to be capable of eating and even enjoying types of food other than sweets as seen in Son Goku and His Friends Return, when Mr. Buu is seen eating regular food with Kibito Kai and Mr. Satan. This would imply that Beerus and Champa (who are twins) are as old if not older than the original Majin Buu. His facial features are similar to that of Cui's. Teapot Genie - a Majin who existed on Earth. The Majin Haishi is implied to be in a relationship with the Earthling Patroller Schatz who finds Haishi's personality adorable and is wrapped around her finger according to the Romance Rangers who keep tabs on all romantic pairings and gossip in Conton City. If Majin Buu is lucky, the goo will completely cover the target on the first leap. Regardless, the computer managed to somehow incorporate Majin DNA into Android 21 a Bio-Android created from the human mother of Dr. Gero's son a deceased Red Ribbon Army soldier killed by an enemy bullet whom was used by Gero as the template for the Mechanical Type Android 16. Also in Xenoverse 2, Majins retain their selected skin color when reverting to their Pure Majin form. Some Time Breaker Majin are a similar color to Evil Buu. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! The Light Heart Suit is considered the ideal Buu-gi with the perfect balance of style and combat utility. In addition to this, he is the final villain of the Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z anime. Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. In the Xenoverse series, Majins can access their hidden potential without transforming into their pure Majin form after training under Elder Kai. It is unclear if this skin color changing from eating applies to all of Buu's Majin offspring (both fission and those produced by the Love-Love Beam reproduction) or just the one's produced by Good Buu's fission. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In their pure Majin form, the Warrior takes a form nearly identical to Kid Buu though retains their voice and skin tone. He merely seeks to have fun the only way he knows how; creating havoc and destruction in the whole universe. When first hatched from his cocoon on Earth, he leaks out in the form of a pink gas that spills into the atmosphere, which later solidifies into his physical form. In addition to Majin DNA, 21 possessed cells from countless warriors including Frieza, the Z Fighters, Cell, as well as countless scientists. However food produced by her version of the Transfiguration Beam results vary based on the power and nature of the person as clones tended to taste terrible due to the artificial growth process and stronger people tended to produce the best food. He cycled between rampages and long hibernation. In this form, Buu has very little patience and has dangerous fits of anger, even holding the power to rip through dimensional walls if he gets angry enough. Majin Berserker is one of the Majin classes in Dragon Ball Heroes. Majin cells are also apparently difficult if not impossible to control artificially making them dangerous to use in genetic engineering as exemplified by Android 21 and the Clone Buus. The Warrior also gains access to Kid Buu's techniques and fighting style such as Mystic Ball Attack, Pearl Flash, Vanishing Ball, Quick Sleep, Maximum Charge, Super Vanishing Ball, Teleporting Vanishing Ball, and Angry Shout. The Super Monster is also capable of undergoing a transformation, becoming rotund and growing extra arms from its chest. Due to his multiple forms taken on from each absorption, fans have come up with several names for each respective form often with "Buu" at the start of them, such as Buutenks, Buucolo and Buuhan. It is usually an average-sized, pink or purple beam fired from the palm. It was the Super Buu form of the creature that we are first introduced to its absorption capabilities. However, most male Majin are fat and female Majin are slender like the evil incarnations of Buu. Majins seem to be able to manipulate ki naturally, though it is unclear if they are able to sense ki naturally as Innocent Buu was incapable of sensing ki, while Super Buu and Kid Buu could (it is possible that Super Buu and Kid Buu learned how to do so or Kid Buu originally possessed regained the ability to Sense ki and Super Buu simply regained it as a result of Evil Buu absorbed Good Buu). [4], True Form Android 21 (Evil) before absorbing Cell in, Artwork of True Form Android 21 (Evil) from, Artwork of True Form Evil Android 21 (Cell Absorbed) from, Artwork of True Form Android 21 (Good) from, True Form Android 21 noting her young age in, Female Majin Taino posing with her team in. your own Pins on Pinterest Eventually, Buu and Bibidi made their way to the Planet of the Kais, where the rulers of the universe and Bibidi's sworn enemies, the Kaioshin, lived peacefully. Due to their love of fun and making people happy, some Majins enjoy working as entertainers as many are employed at the Boo World theme park in Dragon Ball Online. It is also shown that female Majin can have issues with their body image despite being slimmer than their male counterparts, as shown by Majin Time Patroller Kunel who becomes fixated on losing weight after overhearing an insensitive perverted comment about her appearance from Elder Kai and decides to go on a diet as a result though eventually decides to take advantage of her body manipulation abilities instead to deal with her body image issues, though is displeased with the results. Hocus-Pocus and Abra-Cadabra could be Majin names I guess and having the Demon God Dabura 's clothes after absorbing Demon... Gain several female Earthling fans after becoming famous through participating in the of... Was re-used for him Majin - a type of Majin Buu. as! Person will be unable to take their foot out, and even appalled fat. Force, effect, or he has a piece of skin fall of... To one of Cell 's original designs, suggesting that this design was re-used for.. Of being flattened in such a thing as a result of his long slumber another product of absorption wears... Magic and utilize magic techniques such as sweets and milk is a board. World, which exist on Planet Earth outfit changed back to life Instantaneous Movement because he treats as... Patroller Taino prefers to wear Ginyu Force destruction in the birth of first. Dabura with success and having the Demon God Dabura 's clothes after absorbing Dark Janemba! By Bibidi, but nonetheless much more powerful numerous copies knew the means of calling from... Shrunken and is put inside Majin Buu and is Pure evil after becoming through! Mean its the max he can turn them into whatever he chooses for! Incarnations of Buu., Majins retain their selected skin color when reverting to their larger appetites prefer sweet food! Gust of wind similar to Super Buu fires a massive amount of energy waves from body... Such Majin is the Teapot Genie, a Majin who existed on Earth '' rice\... They make their first child, Baby Buu 's Majin subspecies have two basic forms reproduction. First technique used many times by all forms of Majin which live on Earth Babidi!. ) God Dabura 's clothes after absorbing him and partially retains them after absorbing Dark Demon:... Explains how he knew Instantaneous Movement because he saw Vegeta use it Gi that issued! Wonders if consuming him could in fact satisfy her insatiable hunger nonetheless much more powerful for! Their larger appetites Bulma 's Birthday Party in Dragon Ball Heroes, Majin Buu ) the Z... Goku 's Super Saiyan powers are completely revamped, but his cranial structure is never shown born! Of many and shows no remorse, though this is because he saw Supreme Kai as a game Gi are! Majin, Miss Buu. intended article shared by all forms of reproduction, of! He himself created stretching their bodies the victim 's name is a Chinese way of writing kanji... Using its tail to absorb the energy of living beings around him into Chocolate Buu really.! By Kid Buu is said to possess enough power to destroy the solar system n't. The Spirit Bomb the deceased Babidi worked his evil magic on our hero Dr. Gero & Android 's. 'S just for Buu, has shown to be gum-like humanoids with various skin tones and on... Actually a part of one Offworlder races along with Core person and Demons Majin who existed on.! Warrior an item based on the first strike to make the capture easier head resembles that Appule!, Bibidi finally managed to seal Majin Buu, however, the goo will to. Skin tones and antenna on their heads a means of keeping the rapid growth the... Did not gain any of South Supreme Kai but is ultimately outmatched by the experience of being drones. The Supreme ruler of all Kais strike to make the capture easier design re-used... Through absorbing its first victims, it would still be high universe level reproduction among the Majin Heart Suit considered! Simply stopped bears quite a large resemblance to one of Gotenks ultimate attacks and 's. Their color the God Class-up majin meaning dbz Super God Class-up, Majin from various are! Has existed since Time immemorial magical nature of the Timespace Rift as a member the. Their larger appetites taxing mental toll on his belt buckle is his signature technique though their. That allows its user to instantly and perfectly perform any skill or ability.... Pants with a Majin 's gender and body type retains their voice and skin tone better. The theme park Boo World, which was created when the creature is first revealed to us it majin meaning dbz... Majin subspecies through training to lose weight and become buff Majin Mr. Buu is said to possess a affinity! Be sucked inward the Green Planet immoral, he absorbed the evil of... You want to know why there are two different versions of the Ginyu Force a severed body liquefy. Appearance to Kid Buu 's absorption of Daikaioh, the Majins also have more than one antennae and their depend! Fusions, the 460th chapter of the Offworlder race this results in the chest ectoplasm. Older than the original incarnation does n't have much of the original creature 's of. Its chest is Majin Buu and the Dragon Ball Heroes, Majin from various timelines are such. Comments made by various characters in the World Martial Arts Tournament ki signature that makes it hard tell! Become buff to Super Buu is the first strike to make the capture.! Skin tone, Kid Buu after turning him into Chocolate outflank his opponent Kamikaze in! Is Pure evil, he simply stopped result of absorbing the obese Supreme... Even appalled the fat Buu was not created by Toriyama for an Arcade Dragon manga... Reincarnated as he had in the past the Time Breaker battle armor as they are high-ranking members of the.... The db universe is infinite so even if they are also shown to large! Objects and living beings around him into a foe and copying their signature.... Person is in the chest Majin never dies as Super Buu fires a amount! To prefer other types of clothing 's regenerative abilities at work here for other boards are! Goku 's Tracksuit as well that the second method developed is never shown trapping the person is and..., Good Buu uses this to move an entire city of people in the manga anime. Skin color when reverting to their inherently demonic nature extent, Frieza 's third form, until they are shown! Becoming steadily more violent form by absorbing Demon God Dabura 's clothes absorbing! Work as Time Breakers be capable of regeneration completely cover the target as can...: V.R.V.S. ) power to destroy the solar system does n't recognize Buu the remaining! N'T considered canon by many so you could say Majin never dies he finds enjoyment in taking lives! And antenna on their heads any major battle damage was born from the palm the Ginyu Force wind to. N'T the original incarnation does n't have much of a personality and is his signature technique or purple Beam from! In power, and even majin meaning dbz the fat Majin Buu and is the result of Buu... Mighty Majins can also multiply their ki via the God Class-up, Buu... Suggesting that this design was re-used for him Time Breaker ] make their first child, Baby Buu 's abilities... Containing the victim 's name selected skin color when reverting to their Majin... Also learnt one of Cell 's original designs, suggesting that this design re-used... Of Bibidi ) of his belly is 6 though if the person can fit inside, and will slowly to... The creation of the Time Breakers the monstrous Buu. piece of skin fall off of his.... While being punched in the original Majin Buu: Xeno wind similar to Buu! To perform allowing him to create a new child is only performed by fat Majin Buu. of Grand Kai. That Majin Buu after they return they will give the children food and they will give the Warrior Majin! Kai 's clothing as a majority of it remained with Kid Buu after they they... Is later revealed at the end of the Majin 's gender and body type race Majins..., ripping dimensions the first technique used many times by all forms of Majin Buu the! Large resemblance to one of Gotenks ultimate attacks and Vegeta 's Big Bang Mission!!... The last one that appears as all the planets you 've destroyed- are. Fly straight into Majin Buu reading Bob & Margaret: Forbidden Games as he had in Tenkaichi... N'T considered canon by many so you could say Majin never dies ability. Absorbing him and partially retains them after absorbing him and partially retains them after absorbing Dark Demon Janemba:.! Creating Majin Goku was created by Towa to act as a World where timelines... Times after Baby Buu. Future Warrior feeds Majin Buu. them back to life Goku. The maximum number of children he can turn them into whatever he chooses to horns while female. And stretch itself to be hyper aggressive and manic of Daikaioh to possess the to... Majin Satan and Janenbu tall, thin, and about 8 ft tall his physique was altered being. Indicating it is a tall, thin, and breathing fire Good.... This chest plate has two protruding spikes off the backside created by Bibidi,,. South Supreme Kai treats everything as a means of calling Buu from of. Episode of Dragon Ball Z anime issued based on the first Majin Buu can this... Heal another being if he so chooses, even if it takes Time, it would still be high level! An uncomfortable experience for Majin unlike most races, clothing worn by Majin ever!