There is also 2 Boston valves for front and rear air thwarts and twist lock valves for coaming and 2 smaller additional airbags located on bow and stern. La firma americana produce e distribuisce soprattutto canoe e kayak, sup e accessori di ogni genere per la manutenzione dei propri prodotti e il comfort delle avventure per laghi, fiumi e rive marine. Advanced Elements è un marchio californiano specializzato nella nautica outooor, con un'offerta di prodotti che negli anni ha conquistato tutto il mondo. This kayak is tough. Whilst it is one of the more expensive inflatable kayaks on the market we think it justifies the price as the quality and design is a lot better than some of its competitors. The reviews may themselves be graded for usefulness or accuracy by other users. It’s a great, streamlined kayak at a very good price, the perfect choice for those wanting “fun on the water” without the extra weight yet just enough “bells and whistles.” This means that it tracks a lot better and is less susceptible to wind. But if you are in an Evo you won’t have such problem. Read reviews for the AdvancedFrame Ultralite by Advanced Elements as submitted by your fellow paddlers. Advanced Elements is an inflatble kayak manufacturer from California and advertises with an evolution of inflatable kayaks, which is supposed to offer excellent driving characteristics through the use of patented technologies. I have been paddling the AdvancedFrame range of inflatable kayaks for … Embed these reviews on your site In the begining I capsized on purpose few times just to know where my tipping point is, and on the third paddle i surfed the waves like a pro. As this is an inflatable kayak, this boat is already fairly portable and easy to take along with you. With its sleek and narrow beam design, this Advanced Elements inflatable kayak is easy to control and to paddle. Designed and headquartered near San Francisco, California, Advanced Elements strives to excel in performance, quality, and portability, and prides themselves on delivering exceptional customer service. At 52 pounds, the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak is awfully heavy to carry from the car to the water, or easily port around in the duffel bag. They love paddling. There are small sand particles that during a paddle fall between the joints and if you don’t put vaseline or lubricant in general before that, you gonna need pliers to put the kayak back in the bag. Another great feature is the rucksack or backpack that comes with the kayak. Read consumer reviews for ADVANCED ELEMENTS AdvancedFrame Expedition Elite Kayak. The skeg keeps your course straight and you’re prepared for every wind or current change. The downside is that EVO doesn’t have much capacity for all your camping gear.You can fit the pump and few water bottles in the rear hatch which is not waterproof, also a small drybag in front, but overall the load capacity is not enough.You can put two more drybags attached to the outside hull straps but the weight affects the speed. BackBone is an optional AdvancedFrame Kayak accessory from Advanced Elements, but many people feel that it is essential. Great for bracing and not so great for eskimo roll.If you are beginner i recommend EVO as watercraft to grow skills , not a stable recreational kayak for an easy peasy paddle close to the shore.If this was a car – it’s definitely a sports one, so you don’t play safe. I. However, the kayak weighs a heavy 42 lbs, which is quite heavy … The kayak comes with detailed inflation instructions, which show you exactly which chambers to inflate and how much. Then they top off the kayak with a foot pump like this one , which allows precise pressure without over-inflation, and also packs down neatly to stow in the kayak with you in case it’s needed for adjustments. For me, it's not about speed, so I really don't care about that. The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 inflatable kayak is designed for 2 people to enjoy together on rivers, lakes, and even some calmer seas. This combination of an aluminum frame with inflatable buoyancy also allows it to ride lower in the water than most inflatables, for a paddling experience that more closely resembles a hardshell kayak. The Advanced Elements is a good kayak for fishing, with its solid tracking and maneuverability plus bungee tie downs for storage. In 2016 i bought my first AE kayak (Expedition) and I became huge fan of their products. There are a number of items you will need with the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak, and a few options to consider. Lightweight and fast, compact and sturdy owning an EVO helps me really well with the decision to postpone previous intention to buy a hard shell one. Sounds obvious that they would love paddling, but the cheap inflatable kayaks and SUPs are designed in factories by people who have no interest or understanding of paddling. The stability of the Lagoon 2 makes this a very difficult kayak to capsize. We had the opportunity to review the AdvancedFrame Convertible Elite for an entire season. Designed in California Advanced Elements offers a complete line of inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUPs (stand up paddle boards), and paddlesports accessories that excel in performance, quality, and portability. The innovators at Advanced Elements invented kayaks with rigid, aluminum frames that perform like a rigid kayak, but with inflatable components for the portability and affordability of inflatable kayaks. It tracks as well as the hard shell and is almost as fast. Like other reviewers said, the Advanced Elements kayak is super easy to set up and deflate, weighs only 25 pounds, and fits into pretty much any trunk. Airfusion EVO is fast as a hard shell, tracks well and is very maneuverable. The advanced elements kayak has an amazing beginner-friendly design. It is a keel beam that you install in the floor of the kayak, creating a v-shaped hull that improves tracking and speed of the kayak. Fairly similar in price (the StraitEdge is just slightly more money), it has very positive reviews but not a lot of them. It’s also a few hundred dollars cheaper than something like a hardshell “ Dagger ” and the covered storage means you can stay out for longer. I am a casual paddler which likes small distance daily trips during warm months of the year.I live in a city apartment and i own small car too so this made me fan of inflatables and foldables in general.