African Traditional Religion has grown out of the African soil. 2XE�X����;�� �R!L��*��R����)*� V���j���X��H�$PҐ��s�������ٳg������g�9�g������>����ɲ�t�+]�JW�ҕ�t�+]�JW�ҕ�t����n]��+���׮�r��_��u�O?��m7�E�6�f�7Sj���v�Z4���V����-���^J�E��v�~���P~�v7?z�vq3�%���>ƙa�x�NDo]����~'���������f��k�_���Ԏ9⭭I [/^v��Hq��ۛ-�����ڝ��̉�K��Zu�- ck"�Ѻ2�l!N112T5:֬Y�Ȇ -����� �kѮMs��ϝ? 7 0 obj We encourage scholars pursuing such … Individual: Each individual realizes God given wholeness and is to encourage self-respect and learn from cultural traditions. endobj It is believed that all holy books of all religions contain the 2 Giddens, Anthony, Introduction to Sociology, Seagull Publications, London, 2011, p. 12. x���e}�R A�zG�j�^�{* The worship of Humanity was to fix in its adherents a lively impression of such harmonious coordination of the whole human being. NO. values as economies develop – many of which have been able to make use of substantial new data sets on religious affiliation and beliefs (Jenkins 2002, Berger 1999, Inglehart et al 1998, Esposito and Bourgat 2003). Mutually supportive beliefs may form belief systems, which may be religious, philosophical or ideological.Religions are Pragmatically, it has also underlined the need for the engagement between religion and development to be enduring. Religion, gender, and sexuality. RELIGION, CULTURE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – Vol. endobj In general, it is impossible for a value to change without We can only find meaning in the present world. endobj Everybody has beliefs about life and the world they experience. Secular Humanist believe there is no higher power than the human person, and that any moral guidance of how to live and treat each other comes from the human person, yet they do promote values such as honesty, justice etc. Religion is a blessing to life, it appears; 362. Developmental scientists have shown increasing interest in how culture and religion are involved in the processes through which adolescents adapt to environments. 4 0 obj 3 0 obj essence of religion.14 In Comte’s general formula: feeling guides action in line with practical knowledge supplied by the intellect. It affirmed that “sexual and reproductive health are part of human rights.” The background for this Call to Action and to discussions surrounding the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals are the continuing debates that centre on sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights. endstream This article reviews research on values and religiosity across cultural and religious groups. Cultural values and religious beliefs play a substantial role in adolescent development. endobj Here God is taken as the Creator and Self-revealer and about the religion is it said that religion arises from the human responses to God. Religious beliefs and practices, and why they change. 6 0 obj Several of the lessons I have learned are relevant here, certainly in the sense that they are helpful supplements to the main thesis of the ]�VjK?v|;R-�&�I�֭�0)����|��᮹��v���+Qݿ���v�1�kL#ǻ��5Y�ŰD��G���k�ܲ��]��2l!�.Y���hw���N9�˯��Tb�������Y���[&"�q�kN>��o�Z��p_�bI�vU�5�~�]���y�矹�l�l\�pk{�?�]���������ߕ)+�F"~b)�K�v'�-��K �/_w�Ԧ[`�����J�7��52�s��iQZ�-���%�ڍ7�kw"�B�kw`�҂��7��K/ߴ��v�we�ʴƖ���Ԧ[ �[�y�v���[�=�M9�PSl�H�"�[����=@��--�4T��&oi��$bK4�D���. x��]s�6�=3�|�;1E|��MG3NҤ�7i�k�>Ȓm��DՕ��?�$H+w�C�������_>����1������\mn�٧�U{�}~�t��\�m����/��o��W/_�߱����������qV��j�U�]�^�()��,���Z��w��?����������>�rv�/��.�zv�׳�C��/��/A� �*��/X3;3^2���]}���7F��c]T��8�4��@��P�J�ՃE&���/#�a��F�h�\�X.�`Q}&wF�>l]Vj\qc7>�z��g�\E~Q��\dU4�zEN���cȾ��M6q������U+$�]̮֕V�fL�1ÖU!�e%�ӟK�Jh�O'�Q ����i�L]����,��-�n��m������A��|x��N8��M�d5k endobj vZ��Rܴ3�*�miْ���aӔ�jm��4��68���uQ � �2��:�2{�y�����Z��Ș4���U��`���t%J�����CI����S�!l�g����\�9ӳ%��ë���P�k�����Xf�Ͼ�%3�n`w�t�}�K.��>gʂZ���/�ޑe����N+� To progress research on the intersection of human values and religion, we suggest that religion must be understood as a multi-faceted embodied institution of substantial social and political relevance. <> 2 0 obj <>>> Why religion is so widespread amongst human societies? Human values are defined as those values which help man to live in harmony with the world. Belief is a state of the mind when we consider something true even though we are not 100% sure or able to prove it. human rights occur in the name of religion, culture, or tradition. ]L�Q :���_�k5�~���f7�J ��uo��ҵq����]01 �>�*��'��-f߇�jfE�C~��Y��U~Tq�&�6�@�Jͮ��u�x0��٤��9�5e��QV���dS�p�&����enX3N�Jw5$8z:n��e�*g� d� J+��$ֹnFͦx;�|RMʓ�Rɺ��[QuLr.,'��q���^� 9 0 obj Print. Likewise, cultural traditions, religion and language have different meanings that shape beliefs and influence social life. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso. Prof. Kocku von Stuckrad of the University of Groningen, Netherlands visits the Department of Religion and Human Values of the University of Cape Coast. Gerrie ter Haar is professor of Religion, Human Rights and Social Change at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. The Centre for Religion, Human Values, and International Relations is based in the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music and works closely with the School of Law and Government. Stanisław Głaz, Values as Predictors of Religious Experience in the Lives of Seminary Students of Philosophy and Students of Physics, Journal of Religion and Health, 10.1007/s10943-016-0235-6, 55, 6, (2099-2112), (2016). 1 0 obj Since this book was first written, there has been much turmoil in the world and, therefore, much to learn. I�pf�A&1T1�����F�yթ9}�! �?�(�����> x������t/d��j�В��I���/C�z� Comparative Religions ATR (African Traditional Religion) Introduction Three religions dominates African continent: ATR, Islam and Christianity. In one way – in material terms – this present generation has reached a high level of development. Religion, on the other hand, is considered a process of revelation and contains the concept of the "faithful" who receive the message of revelation. �=d����� )Ta�$���Rڟ�lFki_M��8Z��O���x�`�U�����`�#ef��C^c���A��Un(M"�^Z�,��q��w�d������w���Q4�1�)����\�4���p^��"�G8�}�]���+{.�ޡ��S�ұ5��a�,��? %���� nșb�檪�����?�븈�:��b��#�Ҍ��'�����Ɯ~4��0y�k��O�p���|}G�� ���#�2��0V�3U�R+��P[g��Tu ��4��*a["(q$�B���R��lPǜk�4�W�s Y�)m�� �a}��m���};Px�:��?�怺�B�gց�{�dB�&K�� s"n��*���9os-:��n�^R�B�H�=���G�������Ы�cs�'�����B6M�t�������6X�V�Rl�o���R{j��+�Ӯ���p8v@�.��Qۙс�!���m�o}h�iGסs���ըQ{K�kUJh��b�� [{�����=����ތ^sBѰ�|�C����c�I�ֺ�?�E��p�XԀ֢�����s@pZG��}B���w��J��AO�گ��|`bۡ# endobj These we cannot avoid. "n�_c�W�o������]v����6~cH�C>:?���ї�v PDF | The relationship between religion and human rights is both complex and inextricable. endobj 3. What part religions play in cultural and social transformation. understanding and these two terms relate to the affective dimension of human behaviours. Morality and religion is the relationship between religious views and morals. Millions of People Are Operating with a “Closed Bible” Jan 18,2017 / 0 comments. Culture may be thought of as a causal agent that affects the evolutionary process by uniquely human means. The Journal of Human Values provides an understanding of how in order for individuals, organizations and societies to endure and function effectively, it is essential that an individual's positive exalting forces be rediscovered and revitalized.. Now as soon as one begins to talk about the reality of God, or mentions more-than-human objects of religious faith, one has launched on the sea of meta- physical theology. It is described as the product of thinking and experience of African forefathers and mothers of former generations. Succinctly stated, faith "has to do with the making, maintenance, and transformation of human meaning" (Fowler, 1986b, p. 15). %PDF-1.5 Share . �{Z���Pw�n�5�8�c�fP@,��.G�p{�?$�`�xn/����㚲���d�I{�g���tح� �GRB�x Qo�c��&�I�@@h.H䘐�|I�/πۤ�n���t�b���Q[Fp��3�4��~I5I[_(�P}�ئ�B��&Z�����MR��A�W��`�r�Z��ָ�g}�\pW�O�!�>nU l�r Faith development is new to the psychology of religion (Nipkow, Schweitzer, & Fowler, 1991). <> Human values play a vital role in the society, for they are said to be the basis of human beings for leading a better life. To learn more, view our, Everybody has a mystical/connection experience: prevalence, confusions, interference, and redefinition, Maslow Revisited: Constructing a Roadmap of Human Nature, THE PROCESS OF SELF-ACTUALIZATION THROUGH RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE IN JANE FENN HOSKENS' LIFE, The Psychological Landscape of Spirituality and Religion: A Theoretical and Diagrammatic Exposition. Value education generally moulds the character of the people leading them to know and appreciate things that are worthy and good. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. Religion is often used to deny women their fundamental human rights. no longer supports Internet Explorer. stream Bwf�a��H(�\���d�ȉ~;$�"ݳ�:N�_�^�� J�������%~M���Է E� �����%��������ϥ��S��^B7�H�@�(�q��tC읆ٟ�3���*y��"��>`�,ω��[���7���.v��;#�켵�)8�����k�kc��ߏ�� ��4H��ڠ�^�EW?��Pe�XzM�WYp�H�ɝ�l��(��|=���@׵���a�\��2�&q=�9Ȱ_�����B�z����c�J�DQ�7�שϤ��/q�~ʡ5,�.�|�����ÕX>/��[]�7و��F5��18�����)��}�{�����3[��Λ��$�bnMFܢ��d�AP����{wb���6~�MTM1�[Z��R�~����kV���h�:�oOc�2n��hF��X45��A�S�4%.�L�(_�D- �`MW$��p㷃����W�@�}Haֈ�[b��p��#��ߙ�u��t[qW�L���]9:(���H�BvGx�qD��x'�對�2^>�����DS`(�Ie��uP�\��tQ��� �v�oV���v�N�x`�D|�W��:8�u�����9����A9����F��ќ6��;�����`�`v7�i�V^8[{��aoO���c�.0[���a+!�QŌ}���=��>nmM���O�"�w>M���:���^M2pz(ۆF�3��52PO�O��S6pଁT�����O ������w�\����=c����+���>��[-S�Ƨ^�@�;כGd�W����'���`�uM�� ٶ�z��6�+b�cs����S��T�8Ӎ?f�uY�������gn��E%�_/�m^���O(��[�J�R�m�=�tQ�>��\p�|8�Ղ!�za�vv@�%JS�(��!���+Y�����S�� .�m����A�2�X��8g�P�tމD�Ft�h@� By�C����ʈ)Q�7V"ƞ7��=����_4ب;��KSH(l�k������h�EQ��l�����3�1V� d��=��|qA���h^�o.0�C�����d��������7E:!ƞCwЃc�ϕ�{�Lg|O����w���AkP��ɦ�>�X����+���p��c�9��t��`��YVW����2�JULnz�:G�&(������?��� g�.J� US�~�x��ׯ���T�\�#����ֳ3�k}+^p�z!A�;��ؒ��IY0���V%�g��er@H#�g�����p3T^���%5�