Whether you are looking for a full wardrobe overhaul, a subtle fine-tuning or the perfect look for a special event, Stacey or a member of her team will work with you to achieve your goals.

Call or email us so that we can discuss the right combination of services for you. Services are available together or individually and do not need to be decided upon at time of booking.


This is typically the first step in working together. We will come to your home to get to know you and your wardrobe. We’ll help you edit out anything that is not essential and decide what should be donated and what should be consigned. We’ll style existing items in new, exciting ways and we’ll breathe fresh energy into old pieces by making tailoring suggestions. We’ll determine which key pieces are missing and we’ll make a targeted shopping list of must-haves that will update, fill in the gaps and pull your entire wardrobe together in a cohesive way.


We shop in many different ways- it all depends on what works best for our clients. We are happy to shop with you or for you…most often it ends up being a combination of the two, with a pre-shop, which is a great time saver on the client side. We also offer online shopping sessions and wish lists, which enable clients to do their own shopping from our lists. We discuss all options during the in- home consultation and we always make recommendations based on our assessment of what will serve our clients’ needs best.


We do a photo shoot in your home during which we create hundreds of looks for every possible occasion, location, weather and mood. Every look will be photographed and you will have the option to use the photos digitally, printed or in a look book.



Traveling and looking for the perfect capsule vacation wardrobe? We will put together the perfect mini wardrobe for your trip. We can work with what you already own or we can shop for new things. This is a great way to avoid over packing!


We will reorganize your closet, maximize available space, decrease clutter and arrange by color, season or category. We will purchase space saving hangers, bins and whatever it takes to make your closet a happy space!


Visiting New York and looking for the perfect guide to take you around to all of the hot boutiques? Contact us to arrange a customized itinerary.

Services are billed on an hourly basis. Please call or email for details.